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Next Seminar: Building the CE Game Engine

When: Wednesday, October 7, 2009 7:00 PM

Where: Rich Media Institute
525 Venezia Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90291

Scrum provides us with a great framework for building our Scrum team, implementing the core agile practices and getting the inspect and adapt process started. While Scrum discusses the need for requirements, which are called the “Product Backlog”, Scrum doesn’t go into much detail about how to gather these requirements. Our coaches will continue on where Patrick and Michael left off in the last meeting’s “Scrum and User Experience Design: Bringing Great Design into the Agile Process” by working out the product backlog of our on-line version of Corporate Espionage.

Join us as we demonstrate how various teams communicate requirements and how this fits into the Scrum process. We’ll also get our hands dirty as we break out into groups and write the requirements for a part of Corporate Espionage On-Line to gain experience with the techniques that were presented.

By the end of the evening you’ll have several tools that you can immediately use to flesh out even the toughest requirements.

7:00 – Doors open. Check-in and informal networking.
7:30 Welcome and Sprint Demo of new UI – Luca Candela
8:00 – 9:00 Speaker Presentation and Q&A – Tony Wong and Vladmir Drndarski
9:30 – 9:45 Closing Comments

Your Coaches:

Tony Wong is the founder of Digital Onion, and a Scrum instructor for our host, The Rich Media Institute. Tony Wong is an innovator in the field of Software Development Project Management. With over a dozen years of experience, Tony specializes in re-engineering project management systems to produce extraordinary project success.

Vladimir Drndarski is the Principal Thinker of ThotSpots, Inc, an Orange County based software consulting company that he and his partner founded in 2004. He brings over 12 years of software development experience to designing and implementing enterprise level software. Vladimir has developed systems for warehousing, grocery store management, in-flight entertainment systems for both commercial and private aircraft, and most is currently launching a peer to peer lending site designed to help people lending and borrowing from friends and family. Vladimir has been involved in agile development since 2000 when his group brought Extreme Programming in house to a team of 24 developers. He has spoken to many user groups about agile development and software practices.

Luca Candela is a project manager and usability usability consultant. Luca specializes in project management, experience design, prototyping and all the techniques required to bring a succesful site to life. View his portfolio online at

Your Sponsors:

Special thanks go out to the sponsors who make this event free and open to the public:

The Rich Media Institute was founded in 2005 to educate designers, developers and marketers in the rich media industry about the capabilities, software tools, best practices and technologies for the professional creation of digital media. Visit them on the web at

Cerbumi is transplanting “open-source” problem solving from the software industry to the nonprofit sector. Cerbumi gives nonprofits unmatched access to experts and allows experts the opportunity to donate a small amount of time in a highly leveraged environment. This environment generates a wealth of ideas that are refined and tempered by a community of expert volunteers. Visit them on the web at

About Corporate Espionage

Corporate Espionage is a community fundraising product offered by Scrum Club… a card game that represents a battle between freshly-funded startup companies who all have similar ideas and are entering the same target market. Each company must ramp up quickly in order to compete… and when that fails, take out the competition by any means necessary. Learn more at