Will you be the

Last CEO Standing?

Play the game of Corporate EspionageTM and claw your way to the top of big business fun.

Exciting, suspenseful, and easy to learn, its the game you can put your name on, with custom cards, tournaments, and virtual online game play.

For 212 players, fun for all ages.

Connect with other business professionals.

Corporate Espionage is a fun ice breaking business game for business and entrepreneur groups that want to offer their members new ways to learn about business, network and mix it up a little. Playing Corporate Espionage helps local meetup group leaders communicate advanced concepts through game play and allows their members to connect and develop relationships with like-minded folks.

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Organize games for team building, retreats, and business training. Create your own branded decks for tradeshow giveaways.

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Hold career development events that students flock to attend. Invite business leaders and use the cards to raise funds for your program.

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There's nothing better than a cut-throat game of Corporate Espionage to bring families together on game night.

Learn about Corporate Espionage for fundraising here.

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