Community Programs

How to build your operating budget operating without baking a single cake.

You've got some members who enjoy getting together. You'd like to build your membership and pay for meeting space and refreshments without taking money out of your own pocket. You're looking for a fundraiser that works year 'round, without much maintenance. Here's the solution:

Three different revenue streams from one great game!

  • Host Corporate Espionage events and charge admission.
  • Invite local businesses to sponsor events using their own branded cards.
  • Become an affiliate and run your own online store.

Become an approved community group.

To get started, visit and apply. If approved, we'll create a private Corporate Espionage landing page for your group, where you can create your own cards and series, buy cards at a deep discount, sell your cards at a profit, publicize your upcoming events, send local business sponsors to your site to order cards, and print your own Corporate Espionage-style business cards to promote your organization.

Use Corporate Espionage to boost membership.

For an easy, fun, and memorable event, just order some Corporate Espionage kits and stage a game night. Publicize your events on the CE website and through your membership newsletters, etc.

Use friendly competition to raise funds.

Hold a tournament sponsored by two or more businesses and watch the fun begin. The businesses order customized, branded cards through your CE landing page. Publicize the event in your community and charge admission. Then split into teams by sponsor and let the competition begin. You'll earn money from card sales (affiliate revenue) and from your cover charge.

Some fun competitions:
  • Fire department vs. the police department.
  • Lions Club vs. The Rotary
  • PTA vs. the Education Department
  • Planning Commission vs. Home Owners
  • Two different business networking clubs
  • Two competing real estate firms...
you get the idea!

About Corporate Espionage

Corporate Espionage is an addictive and engaging game that teaches business and life skills, while bringing diverse members of the community together into teams. It has all the elements of a best-selling game—excitement, variety, and suspense, is easy to learn. and always fun to play.

Hours of lively fun for 2-12 players, aged 9 and up.

Scrum Club

See videos of Corporate Espionage in action: