Join our Spy Ring

We’re forming a secret society of undercover agents who are capable of infiltrating the masses and securing data. We need your help to gather feedback on CE games, run tournaments, deploy marketing schemes, and assist at scheduled events.


Your responsibilities as a CE Spy include:

  1. Assist in the set up and coordination of events, tournaments, and demos.
  2. Promote corporate espionage within local hobby shops and gaming events.
  3. Keep us up-to-date on the whereabouts and whenabouts of tournaments and events you host at local venues.
  4. Know the rules for the games you are promoting so there is a clear understanding by all participants of how the game works.
  5. Be professional and courteous as a representation of the Corporate Espionage Spy Ring and the company as a whole.
  6. Participate in at least one event per month to maintain your status as a member of the CE Spy Ring.


As you well know being a spy comes with the babes, the gadgets, and the cool suit. Unfortunately, we’re not able to provide all the perks of your usual 007 but we’ve got some great substitutes:

  1. Instead of babes we’ve got brains and you’ll be working side by side with some of the smartest people we know.
  2. Who wants gadgets when there’s schwag to be had? The more events you help with the more cool stuff you’ll get.
  3. You’re assured style in your official CE Spy Ring t-shirt, available only to official CE Spy’s!
  4. Last but certainly not least we will provide free passes events when you sign up to run demos or tournaments on our behalf.

Note: Must be 18+ to join!

Ready to join? Click here to apply now!


Corporate Espionage is like a great big family, just with a bit more backstabbing. In the community you can find other gamers near you and participate in our open forums. We will be announcing upcoming events and tournaments and invite you to create and post your own tournaments as well.

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Join the CE Spy Ring

The CE Spy Ring consists of gamers like you who are interested in teaching the games published by Corporate Espionage to others. Think you have what it takes to join the ranks of the elite? We have a list of Responsibilities and Benefits which you should read to see if you qualify.

Join the CE Illuminati

The CE Illuminati are business professionals who use specialized versions of Corporate Espionage games for organizational development and other corporate purposes. You can learn more about this group on our business services pages and by joining our LinkedIn group.

Community Groups

The Daily Spy

The Corporate Espionage blog is open, which means jump in and say something.

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Name Collected
  • Carl Sue 83
  • David Mertl 81
  • 710619101 80
  • Annika 80
  • Amanda Abelove 2
  • egon 1
  • Alex McCool 1
  • Amanda Abelove 1
  • ldsjohn 1

Tournament Results

Winners Place
  • Eric Herkert-Oakland 1st
  • Karla Jacobs 2nd
  • Miha Iancu 3rd