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Corporate Espionage is an engaging and enticing trading card game that teaches business skills, while offering team-building events for players, mentoring and networking outreach with local business people, and fundraising opportunities for your Career Development programs.

It's also an online community with your own secure school landing page, virtual game, networking forums, and custom card design and printing services for branding your own cards with school graphics

Corporate Espionage has all the elements of a best-selling game in the tradition of MonopolyTM and PokemonTM:
  1. Engaging game play
  2. A rapidly growing fan base
  3. Excitement, variety, and suspense
  4. Hours of lively fun.

Play is the Thing

Students love to play games. It's a social thing, and it's what they do as a distraction from the pressures of school. So when you invite them to attend Corporate Espionage Game Club events, they'll come. And then they'll get involved, get connected, get smart, and get jobs.

Host career development events that students will swarm to attend.

  1. Order one game kit per player at
  2. Download invitation poster artwork, print and post around campus and distribute to local businesses.
  3. Invite local business people to attend as mentors and to meet promising new job candidates.
  4. Invite teachers and administrators to attend.
  5. Set up tables, chairs, and refreshments.
  6. Let the fun, the learning, and the mentoring begin.
  7. Repeat steps 26 often.
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Raise funds to support your sentire program.

Education money is tight, and your budget is shrinking. Here are two ways to make up the deficit and start expanding your program:

  1. Get local businesses to sponsor your events.
    1. Let them brand their own cards and donate them to the school to promote their businesses on campus. Retain a portion of the sale to fund programs.
    2. Invite them to join in the games, where they'll meet your brightest and best students.
  2. Hold a Corporate Espionage tournament and charge admission to benefit your Career Development program.

Keep plenty of school-branded game kits and decks on hand to sell to individual students who want to play on their own. You can also help local businesses order their own branded decks.

Get Administration's Attention.

Start getting your events onto the school's calendar. Promote them on the intranet. Get those posters up, and start taking credit for your outstanding community outreach, effective fundraising efforts, and mass student involvement. Kudos to you!

Order a sample deck, watch a game in action, price quantities of perso- nalized game materials, and explore our growing online opportunities.

To order by phone, call 1-800-000-0000.