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You're the CEO of your own startup, and you’re holding seven cards. Should you hire a new programmer, accept "VC Funding," or play your "IRS Audit" card and get your competition into big trouble?

Corporate Espionage has all the elements of a best-selling game in the tradition of MonopolyTM and PokemonTM:
  1. Engaging game play
  2. A rapidly growing fan base
  3. Excitement, variety, and suspense
  4. Hours of lively fun.

Big Business Reach

Looking for business giveaways that won't get lost, tossed, or forgotten? Give Corporate Espionage, branded with your company logo and tagline.

  1. Personalize starter decks with your company graphics and let others purchase them from your own landing page. (80 cards per deck)
  2. Personalize different combinations of expansion decks, spice up the game. (10 cards per expansion deck)
  3. Track the effectiveness of your investment as players register their cards online every time they change hands.
  4. Distribute your decks to targeted markets to strengthen your brand's reach and reputation.
  5. Create a branded presence online with your own company's landing site for remote team play.

Big Business Learning

Corporate Espionage teaches basic and advanced business skills and exposes players to a wide range of challenging scenarios. Less experienced players absorb business wisdom from veteran employees as the game proceeds and the excitement builds.

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Game night at Intel in San Diego, CA.

Big Business Team Building

Designed for 2-12 players and appropriate for ages 9 and up, Corporate Espionage encourages lunchtime and after-hours socialization, and makes a great retreat activity. Hold tournaments and contests locally and online, involving multiple offices, contractors, and offsite workers. Best of all you can measure your ROI through online card registrations and know for sure you’ve chosen the right item for your corporate branding. 

Keep plenty of game kits on hand for client gifts, board meetings, company picnics, and trade shows.

Order a sample deck, watch a game in action, price quantities of perso- nalized game materials, and explore our growing online opportunities.

To order by phone, call 1-800-000-0000.