Retailer and Distributor Support

Current Product Sell Sheets

Considering carrying CE games in your store? Check out the sell sheets for our current products:

  1. Year 1: Startup Edition - Boxed set for 4-6 players
  2. Year 1: Warm Fuzzies - Expansion pack of 15 cards
  3. Year 1: Promo Cards - Individual customized cards to promote your business, idea or yourself!

Authorized Distributors

The following distributors carry CE products:

  1. Indie Press Revolution (IPR)

Store Finder

To see a listing of stores carrying CE Games, please visit our store locator. Want to have your store listed in the database?

please click here and send an e-mail with your store name, address and URL.

In Store Demos with CE Spies

So, you're a store owner or manager and would like someone to run demos of CE games products in your store? Or maybe you are a convention organizer and would like someone to run demos of CE products at the convention? Our Spy Ring is here and ready to help. To locate a CE Spy in your area, please click here and send an e-mail requesting help. You will be contacted promptly about the possibility of Spy Ring help at your convention or your store.

CE Trade Show Package

Want to take CE on the road with you? Let us help! We’ll provide you with everything you’ll need to get things started.

  1. Game Support – Printable demo and tournament instructions as well as game rules.
  2. Game Mats - Printable PDF full color game mats for demos.
  3. Sell Sheets – Sell sheets for our available products.
  4. Demo Posters – Printable, full color posters that can be displayed to promote demos
  5. Flare! - Propaganda to help promote Corporate Espionage sales in your booth and around the con

Affiliate Codes for Online Rev Share

Corporate Espionage offers rev share deals for affiliates who bring us online customers. To grow your revenue stream and enjoy this extra income, just register with us as an affiliate and get your own coupon code for use in our online store. The customer gets a discount on Corporate Espionage purchases and you get a portion of what they spend on virtual cash, goods, gift certificates, and more! Just contact us and ask to become an affiliate.

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